Investor Relations

Norcross-Madagascar Group (NMG) is a Mining and Exploration Company headquartered on the island of Madagascar.
With over 20 years experience in Madagascar, NMG has positioned itself logically into the acquisition of gem, mineral and fossil properties.
All properties are active and proven.
Within two years NMG plans make its initial public offerings on The Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX).Venture Capitalists (VC) needed.

Current Active Properties (8/08):

Gems & Minerals:

Agate & Jasper (Chalcedony)(187 sq km) 3 regions. Areas include: agate, carnelian, sea jasper, desert jasper, red jasper, yellow jasper, chestnut jasper, green jasper, sunset jasper, amethyst

Amazonite (12 sq km)

Amethyst (12 sq km)

Apatite, Phosphorus, Illmenite and Mica (50 sq km) 1 region.

Blue Calcite, White Calcite (12 sq km)

Crocodile Jasper (6 sq km)

Crystal Quartz (150 sq km) Area includes: block quartz, smokey quartz, amethyst, girasol, and included quartz. Other gemstones found: tourmalines, beryls.Precious metals and industrials found and being tested: lead,copper ore, and gold.

Garnets (80 sq km) 3 regions.

Girasol, Quartz Crystal (clean) (6 km2)

Hemathoid Quartz (red and yellow included quartz) (30 sq km)

Iron/Ore, Lead, Maganese, and Gold (170 sq km) 2 regions, research only.

Labradorite (20 sq km)

Pyrite, Iron (12.25 sq km)

Rhodonite, Manganese, Iron (36 sq km )

Rose Quartz (118 sq km ) 3 different regions.

Zebradorite (Feldspath) (6.25 sq km)

Fossil Permits:

NMG has obtained the rights to remove the following fossil from government lands:

Petrified Wood

Ammonite Fossils

Fossil Sea Urchins (Sand Dollars)

Gem and Mineral Permits:

NMG has obtained the rights to remove the following gem and minerals from government lands:



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