Madagascar Minerals Club

Madagascar Minerals Club membership discount program. Norcross - Madagascar offers members discounted prices based on yearly accumulated spending:


Over the last 26 years, we have adopted a pricing system that offers price breaks based on the quantity purchased of individual items. This is a fair system designed to protect our re-sellers. However, we have noticed that we have no system to reward the MAJORITY of our clients who purchase many items in smaller quantities. Additionally, we have many great loyal customers who on a monthly basis purchase many frequent smaller orders. These latter clients, it turns out, spend more throughout the year than do clients who buy only once or twice. Therefore, we have implemented a 4-level discount membership incentive program, the "Madagascar Minerals Club" to complement our existing system. This program will accumulate each client's total spending throughout the year. Each member will have a color coded card (>$500=Blue, >$1000=Silver, >$2000=Gold and >$5000= Green) which will work at any Norcross show location, gallery or website** throughout the year. Once a client reaches a particular color level, that level determines the price they pay for anything, any quantity, until the end of the year. Color-coded price levels will apply to all our pricing cards, along with our usual quantity-based price break system. Clients, starting at this show, can target a color zone to receive the specific color-coded discount. The top color zone (Green), is our lowest price. This removes the questions and ambiguities from our pricing, and offers the lowest price to our loyal repeat clients. Clients who use their card at the next Norcross show, can aim for the next higher discount color, building upon their previous purchases in the same calendar year. The discounts will not be carried back retroactively to give refunds on purchases made on previous days or at previous shows, so plan your buying wisely to maximize your savings.

** Madagascar Minerals Club members that would like to use the website for the program, please use the "wish list" feature, and contact one of our sales reps to customize your pricing on your color or aim towards your next level.

Here is an example of a price card to explain the system:

Starting price is the retail price for someone selecting one item:

    Blue members, (or those that have committed to spend $500 receive x discount)
    Silver members
    Gold members
    Green members

For qualified one-of-a-kind show pieces, we offer a standard discount based on your "Club color" or the quantity of showpieces items you purchase at one visit.

For example, if you buy 3 or more pieces OR are a "Silver" Madagascar Minerals Club Member, you get 30% off.

Similarly, if you buy 4 or more pieces OR are a "Gold" Madagascar Minerals Club Member, you get 40% off.

Purchasers of 5 or more pieces OR ones who are a "Green" Madagascar Minerals Club Member, get 50% off.

Note that if you are purchasing 2 or more pieces you must be an existing "Blue" Madagascar Minerals Club Member to get 20% off.