Madagascar Minerals Catalog

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It has our collection of 30 colored gemstone varieties and details our products: minerals and fossils, rough or polished.
Hand crafted items are from our factory in Madagascar, and the minerals and fossils are from our exclusive quarries.

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Utilitarian Items

Coasters & Bowls
Plates & Jewelry Boxes
Candle Holders & Massage Tools

Crafted Collectable Items

Leaf &, Fetish Animal carvings
Skull & Face carvings
Sunfish & Dolphin carvings
Bear Eating Fish carvings, Boulders, Flames &
Butterfly carvings & Hearts
Slices & Plaques
Gallets & Polished One Face
Crystal Quartz & Celestites


Petrified Wood Fossils
Ammonite Fossils
Copal, Bivalve & Sand Dollar Fossils

Furnishing Items

Sinks & Mirrors

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