Press Releases 2007

Dec 1, 2007.

Last week, after several failed attempts, Norcross Exploration & Exploitation SARL released the details on their latest find - Block Quartz. The region is found in Madagascar's North West side, north of Tsiroamandidy.
A large area (133 km2) has been verified and secured. NMG's head explorer, Romero Randirnaivo plans to double the size of the claim over the next year. Quartz varieties found include: block crystal quartz upto 1000 kg/pc, smokey quartz, amethyst, girasol (milky crystal quartz), and included quartz. Samples of other gemstones discovered in the area include beryl, and tourmaline. Industrials and precious metals additionally found include: lead, ore, and gold. Norcross president Robert Grant explains the block crystal quartz boulders will be used make Gem Surfaces gemstone slabs, Gem Decor items (decorative items such as bowls, plates and furniture). The industrial grade quartz will be crushed for engineered stone slabs. he further adds, "From the material found, we have a market for every stone: the gemstone industry, stone industry (granite and engineered stone tiles and slabs), decor industry, with the lowest grade boulders even selected for gemstone designer garden rocks!"

Large quartz crystal boulders can be seen in NMG's latest find (top-right). Samples of nice amethyst-tipped quartz (bottom-left).

July 1, 2007:

NMG Explorers have verified their claim of (>93 km2) of agate fields. Additionally, they have discovered some new very interesting quartz varieties, chalcedonies, and jaspers! NMG miners have been sent in to secure the area, interface with the local villages, and to start working a another new stone.

Introducing Sunset Jasper.An exclusive NMG stone. More special announcements to come shortly.

Sunset Jasper 5lb LotSunset Jasper 5lb Lot

Sunset Jasper 5lb Lot Sunset Jasper 5lb Lot

Jan 2, 2007:

Norcross Madagascar Group (NMG) announces their discovery of the gemstone Apatite. 7 squares (44 km2) have been acquired. Electric Blue, and Green Apatite have been extracted. Alluvial and primary deposits. Less than 3 gram size gem material available. Block apatite upto 20 kg per piece available. NMG has named this property Phosphorus Mountain, and is currently testing the region for a potential industrial phosphorous mine. Current testing includes Phosphate of Lime (TPL) concentration. Results not yet available.

Apatite and rock phosphate are valued mainly for their phosphorous content. These minerals, are mostly utilized for the manufacture of fertilizers. Phosphorous obtained from apatite and rock phosphate is utilized mainly for the manufacture of phosphoric acid (H3PO4) which in turn is utilized for the production of pure chemicals like sodium phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, fluorine-free dicalcium phosphate as animal food supplement. Phosphate products are also used in pharmaceuticals, ceramics, silk, textiles, insecticides, sugar refining and in the manufacture of explosives.

NMG's Active Alluvial Blue Apatite Deposits (Above and Below), with Phosphorous Mountain in the background (Above).

(Above) Mica deposits are found with the apatite. (Below) Block gemmy blue apatite rough cut and polished into a heart shape.

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