Press Releases 2010

Dec 2010 - Amazonite Mine Update

NMG has been producing nice blue-green Amazonite from their recently aquired deposit in the Amboasitra region of Madagascar. Site tests have been conducted for the feasibility of dimensional block mining for the future. Current results have brought on mixed information. The Amazonite outcrops located and currently worked; appear to be too narrow for larger block mining. NMG Group is hopeful a larger Amazonite vein will be discovered in the next year, with their region which is 7.5 km2. Current production is at 20 tons per month, at this early stage.

Dec 2010 Block Quartz Update

NMG Group is pleased to announce a good season of collecting large blocks of quartz from their quartz field. The acquisition of this large property (200 km2) was made in 2007. NMG explorers are still short of their mission of locating a solid "mountain” of quartz, but are confident this goal isn’t too difficult to achieve. NMG lead explorer, Romero Ranivoarison (Meme) explains, "since the concentration of large quartz blocks is so high in this area, it’s only a matter of time, before we find at least one solid mountain of quartz.” He added further, "Our budget was cut in this area for other opportunities elsewhere, so I’m confident within 1-2 years we will succeed in this regional mission”. NMG plans to use the solid quartz outcrop for quartz aggregate mining. The quartz will be crushed in a variety of sizes, and sold as a commodity for the Engineered Stone Industry as a primary ingredient used in Quartz Surfaces.

Sept 2010

Gem Surfaces is pleased to announce the successful implementation of team of Manufacturer’s Representatives in an effort to boost global sales. Robert Grant, Gem Surfaces CEO made the following statement, "...with reps now being trained in more than 20 markets, we should now be able to close sales where our competition has a physical presence, and we previously did not.” Grant added, "it is only a beginning, as we are still in the training stages, but the bottom line is we will now have a stronger opportunity to present product to the Architect and Design community - in person”.

Aug 10

NMG is pleased to announce the acquisition of PHASE 1 of the Ambiobob project. The Amboibob is the name of a small mountain, outside the capital, the group has been trying to purchase for the last 8 years, and is the proposed location for the future NMG Group headquarters and factory. The next 2 phases of the program involve sustainability land-use projects for the local community. This small mountain is the only large property available that is undeveloped near the capital, Antananarivo, and on the Majunga road. NMG will need to build a bridge to access the land through a rice field. It has remained unused due to the access issue until now.

The total land size of the project is 50 Hectares, and phase one is 12.
NMG credits the local mayor, Mamy Rabenirina, for sharing in the vision, endorsing the plan, and bridging all interest groups to make this dream a reality.

Ambohibob Project

June 10

NMG tree sustainability protection plan: NMG is pleased to announce the success of the first season. 400kg of resin product was collected. Local villages were educated on the goal of protecting these precious trees, rather than have them chopped down for illegal export at $100 (USD equivalent) per unit for export to China. More than 15 villages co-operated in the program, along with the sustainability training and support provided by NMG’s forest management team.
The locals understand the benefit of having a successful product from the forest, and have a viable economic incentive to repel the poachers of the trees, and at the same time protect their environment.
NMG’s scientists are working hard at tapping and harvesting techniques to compliment the collection methods used in the program, in order to increase the production capabilities. The first year of harvesting techniques in 3 regions resulted in lackluster results.

March 10

Amazonite Mine Update:
After two years of hard work, NMG Group is pleased to announce the final acquisition of their Amazonite region. Environmental impact assessments were accepted, and production is underway.
Success in this region was only possible thanks to the help of new NMG explorers, Falimanana Rabearisoa (Faly) and Mamy Rakotoarimaitso. Mr. Rabearisoa and Mr. Rakotoarimaitso will be constructing an access road, and excavating the overburden on top of the amazonite outcrop. They are also drilling and conducting tests on the feasibility and economic potential for dimension block mining; the real reason behind NMG's motivation to operate in this remote area.

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